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Minister of Agriculture at WELTEC BIOPOWER

Visitors from Eastern Europe, Spain, and England were especially interested in plants for the conversion of waste and food leftovers to energy. The exhibition contacts document that organic waste is increasingly regarded as a resource-friendly energy source with a high potential. In this segment, WELTEC BIOPOWER has in recent years established international reference plants whose quality is also based on the company–s remarkable production depth.

Due to its entirely new exhibition booth layout design, WELTEC was singled out by the German Agricultural Association (DLG) for the tour of Astrid Grotelüschen, Minister of Agriculture of Lower Saxony. The Minister also took some time to get first-hand information on the subject of waste fermentation from WELTEC BIOPOWER. Among other things, she was informed about the newly commissioned waste recycling plant in Rushden, England. She was also invited to Rushden in order to see the efficient plant in action. On an animated world map, she could see that more and more orders are being received from abroad, providing evidence of the global leadership position that the company from Lower Saxony now occupies in the field of decentralised energy production.

Most guests also showed a keen interest in the new control system for biogas plants, which could be tested directly at the exhibition booth. “In personal conversations, the users confirmed that in the future, they want to be able to observe and control all processes at a glance”, says Jens Albartus, Director, summarising the needs of the users.

The demand, especially of farmers, for mobile control via smartphones demonstrates that technical progress is in vogue whenever the devices simplify and facilitate the handling. The new control system for biogas parks is appealing because it simplifies the application. Representatives from the industry have praised the control system as a suitable, simplifying instrument because it enables the networking, monitoring, and operation of various subsystems, such as the gas treatment.


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