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INTIS easyCharge – wireless charging station for e-scooter will go into production from the beginning of 2021

Hamburg, December 23rd, 2020: As already presented to the public in April 2020 at the OKAI Motion Show in Berlin, INTIS has developed easyCharge, a wireless charging station for e-scooter. To date, INTIS has been able to deliver various demonstrators to its customers in Europe and now gets the confirmation that it is also a world leader in wireless charging in the field of micromobility.

In addition to the installation done directly by vehicle manufacturers, INTIS systems can even be retrofitted at specialist dealers. Retrofit kits for various e-scooter models are available for this. INTIS will start series production at the beginning of January 2021.

What are the advantages of wireless charging with easyCharge?

• Easy to use. Just Park and Go!
• Charging works without a power cable, efficiently and fully automated as soon as a vehicle is on the easyCharge charging plate
• Can be used indoors and outdoors
• Extended battery life through intelligent charging
• Simple installation with a standard power plug, fitting into any household socket
• A multitude of data on battery and charging state available via the Internet, IoT ready
• Information on vehicle and charging pad availability, statistics on vehicle utilization and much more via mobile devices

easyCharge is made for everyone, and there are many possible use cases. Today, the focus is on
last mile applications in cities, hotels, authorities, on company premises and in logistic centers.
With easyCharge, not only the charging, but also the parking is better organized and e-scooters no longer have to be collected for charging.

E-bikes can also be equipped with wireless charging technology from INTIS, i.e. e-bikes from a Dutch company have been converted already and are in operation since summer 2020.

Quote from Dr. Ralf Effenberger, Managing Director INTIS GmbH:

After we have already been able to equip cars, forklifts and autonomous shuttle buses with our wireless charging technology in recent years, we are very pleased that it is now also available for the charging of e-scooter and e-bikes. We are convinced that this technology will deliver significant contributions to an increased quality of life in our cities.
Season’s Greetings and
a Happy New Year 2021!


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