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RetroFit Recycling? From old to new

ATM is your specialist in high performance metal recycling technology and modernises your equipment, independently from the manufacturer. Make your recycling machine fit for the future and save money.

Productivity increase

With the help of optimisation measures, the productivity of the machine can be increased. Downtimes can be reduced with predictive maintenance and condition monitoring which is part of the ATM digitisation package. With the help of process monitoring, tool changes and process parameters can be optimized which considerably increases the output.

Energy efficiency

Retrofit does not only make your machine more environmentally friendly but also reduces operating costs. Through the modernisation, energy efficiency is increased and a lot of money can be saved.


We offer individual packages for the collection of process- and machine data. Thereby your machine gets industry 4.0 ready and you can monitor and optimize your processes.

Longer lifetime and guaranteed spare parts availability

For old machines the availability of spare parts may not always be secured which can make your machine a ticking bomb. Retrofit makes your machine fit for the future. The modernisation guarantees that your machine can still be repaired with the right spare parts in the future.

Do you want to make your recycling machine fit for the future? Contact us:

ATM stands for Arnold Technology for Metal Recycling based on more than 80 years of experience. The company plans, produces and provides worldwide service support for metal recycling systems for the treatment of secondary raw materials.


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