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STREICHER replaces gas processing plants in Romania

Within this project the oil and gas company OMV Petrom invests in new technologies to improve the output of the Romanian gas fields and to produce high quality natural gas for the national gas supply. The aim of the plants with a dimension of 16,000 m² is to feed in natural gas in the regional and national gas grids. The new plants are designed for a pressure of 40 bar with a capacity range from 0.5 to 1.0 Mio Nm³/d. This kind of standard is planned to be extended to further projects in the near future.

Challenges of the international project management

The special challenge of this joint venture for STREICHER is the coordination of the international project team regarding project management, engineering, procurement and prefabrication. As Fritz Sorger, STREICHER project manager, says, the joint venture partner Bilfinger EMS, Cloppenburg is responsible for the processing know-how. However, the realisation of these guidelines has influence on different engineering and production disciplines. According to Sorger, it is important to guarantee a good and continuous communication, in order to ensure for all project members to rely on the same drawings and documents and to pursue the same target.

One of the project partners is STREICHER Anlagenbau GmbH & Co. KG, Gommern, a subsidiary of STREICHER Group. This company is responsible for the manufacturing of the steelwork modules for the new gas processing plants.

In October 2014 the preparation of the civil engineering works started. Currently about 40 employees of STREICHER and subcontractors are involved on the construction sites. Due to the short time schedule of 15 months the construction activities will be carried out continuously also in winter. Therefore the project partners hope for mild weather conditions to ensure the completion of the project on time. The project is expected to be finished in October 2015.


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