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Final rush for a new World-Record

Just four weeks ago, CEO Christian Rösemeier and his team from Office of Energy q50 were traveling to Erfurt (Germany). Europeans biggest closet was waiting there for a Blower Door Test. „World Record is in the air“ and „World Record is virtually certain“ titled the local press in Hameln-Pyrmont, Germany.

The results are at the office of World Records in London at the moment. The Office of Energy q50 has to wait for its release. But Christian Rösemeier is in an positive mood. The work of his team of experts should be the biggest Blower Door Test in history. Something like „Trust to getting an entry in Guinness Book of World Records“ was a headline at the local press in Erfurt, too.

A team of six special engineers and technicians is working european-wide. The Office of Energy q50 has tested the air-proofness of many logistic-centers for well-known groups. Next to Blower Door Tests, the Office of Energy q50 is specialized in structural physics. Christian Rösemeier is developing reclamation concepts for his costumers. Energy consulting (BAFA guideline), applying for subsidies, construction monitoring is following until final acceptance. Strategy of building services is one-stop, too. By the way: The Office of Energy q50 is offering seminars in Blower Door Tests and thermography for buildings.

Energy saving is a big matter for entrepreneurs as for private owners. Blower Door Tests are an important tool. Good to have experts like Office of Energy q50, seeking even a new World Record for climate protection.

Text: Sandra Walschek, Journalist


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